(Open on days that weather permits… dry, sunny and over 50 degrees)

The Children’s Play GardenClimbing Structures emphasizes hands-on discovery learning through developmentally-appropriate spontaneous play, and it includes some elements of pure entertainment. Children can climb play structures, enjoy pretend fishing, explore all of the items hidden in the dinosaur dig, and find treasures in the gem-mining stream. Ask about how to receive DISCOUNT GEM STONE BAGS and FREE JUNIOR MINI GOLF with your Family Adventure Pass membership.

You can spend hours enjoying the fresh air and watch your children play at a variety of our entertaining areas.  There are plenty of comfortable benches to relax and easily supervise your children as well as tables & umbrellas to sit and eat delicious food from our Paradise Café. Edutainment Center admission required.

Here are a few features you and your children will discover in our Outdoor Children’s Play Garden:

Dinosaur Dig

Dinosaur and Fossil DigPretend you’re a team of Paleontologists as you dig in the sand with rakes, brushes and shovels for fossils from dinosaurs of old…or hunt for hidden treasures our staff sometimes hides for extra excitement!  Our 400 square-foot dinosaur dig gives kids plenty of reasons to stay busy with their hands and toes in the warm sand in the shade filled garden.

Pretend Fishing

Pretend Fishing Pond at Paradise ParkAre the fish biting today?  Sure they are at our Pretend Fishing Area!  Listen to the trickling water feature and enjoy the beautiful waterscape as you and your child use our magnetic fishing lines to help “catch” our cleverly hidden magnetic fish in the pond.  This is a kid-friendly catch and release attraction so you have to make sure the fish get back in the water. Fishing is fun and relaxing, and your child will feel like a successful fisherman as they reel ‘em in and throw ‘em back in the safe lagoon!

Play & Climbing Structures

Children's PlaygroundWe offer three unique play areas, custom-built for children of all ages and size.  These areas allow toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children to climb, crawl, jump and slide to their hearts’ content.  For the school-age children, we have a two-story playhouse where kids can squeeze through tires, climb up and down nets, and run over a rickety bridge!  There’s also an amazing, orbital “Spider Web” for those who like a climbing challenge.  It’s great exercise and lifts children’s spirits while they burn energy in a fun way.