Paradise Park Children's Edutainment Center (CEdC)This 12,000 square feet of indoor children’s discovery play space and 2 acre outdoor children’s play garden rounds out our FAMILY ATTRACTIONS at Paradise Park. It helps us serve ALL AGES and is designed specifically for children that are toddlers to eight (8) years old. With the CEdC being tied into our Family Entertainment Center (FEC); we know it is what makes us unique in our regional market. It makes us a one-of-kind FAMILY ATTRACTION in the greater Kansas City area and integrates our young children’s educational experiences into a fantasy of discovery play, exploration and fun!

Each week we change out the themes of the Adventure Time activities. Snowmen to Super bowl; Kite Week to Thanksgiving; every week has numerous new activities, performances, art projects and tasty treats in children’s cooking that will make a memory your children will thank you for sharing with them. We even have some comfortable spaces for mom and dad to enjoy their favorite beverage, keep in touch one our FREE WIFI and stay tuned with on of our 15 flat screens spread out throughout the facility.

Many days during the school year Paradise Park hosts morning and early afternoon weekday school field trips. Families are welcome at the same time but may feel a little overwhelmed if they don’t like crowds. We teach the chaperones to stay in groups and utilize all other portions of our facility whenever possible but some days the CEdC hosts our school partners at stations. Feel free to call us ahead of time or visit our calendar of events on the web page if you want to keep in touch with what is going on before your next visit.  We want every visit to be a great memory for you and your whole family to enjoy. We ask that you please understand that these schools and daycare centers are an important part of our operation as they help us keep our admission fees low for all of our guests and their parents.

For this reason we schedule our walk-in Adventure Times to start after most school groups are headed to lunch with us or back to school.

Don’t miss Adventure Time every day at:
2 PM
4 PM
7 PM on Fridays & Saturdays

(Edutainment Center closes prior to the rest of the facility.)  Hours

Children 2-9- $9.99 plus tax

Under 2- $4.49 plus tax

Under 1- Free

Adults- $3.99 plus tax

(Don’t worry if you don’t make it into the first group at each Adventure Time. We will take several groups through at each featured time if needed in order to accommodate all of our children visiting the facility each day. We do ask that you limit your visit through ADVENTURE TIME to one led experience, from the performance area, to the art studio, and finally the children’s cooking area to one (1) adventure per child, per day. This allows us to plan our supplies appropriately for each guests experience throughout each day.)

ADULTS RECEIVE DISCOUNT TICKETS IN THE CEdC! We hope you take part in playing with your children and grandchildren so we discount our adult admissions by 66% off the regular admission price for the CEdC. We don’t know too many other places in KC that will share that kind of a deal with their guests. We want parents and grandparents to join in and engage with their children and grandchildren in this area. We have created the interactive space so you can create the bond with your friends and family. That is what we are all about.

The children’s discovery play areas host dozens of child-friendly activities both inside and out. Children can experience it all in our art studio, soft play, performance area, pretend village, interactive kitchen, KCPT learning room, water play area, and constructive block play just to name a few of the indoor year-round activities.

The children’s edutainment center provides a safe and enclosed environment, where children and their guardians must enter and exit together. Wristbands must match with each family member entering and exiting the attraction.

In the beautifully landscaped Outdoor Children’s Garden our guests will find a dinosaur dig, pretend fishing, 3 different age appropriate climbing and play structures, the new Jr mini golf and access to the gem stone panning stream.

Take a guided tour of the performance area with a special show, customize an art project in the art studio and make your own snack in the interactive kitchen.