Batting Cages in Kansas CityBatting Cages are CLOSED for the season. We will try to open them if we have any warm days in January or February. Give us a call at 816.246.5224 to verify.

Batter up! Paradise Park offers you the kind of focus you need to really improve your ballgame.  We have batting cages that are ideal for players of all levels. Whether you are looking for some extra batting practice or you just want to take a few swings to test your skills, we have what you need. Our baseball and softball cages each have speed levels to challenge you – slow, medium, and fast. Bring your team and rent by the hour, or bring a friend and casually hit balls for fun.

Our canopy-style netted batting cages make the batting experience more realistic as each batter can see the path of their hit for over 100 feet. The batting cages are lit for practice even after dark.

Baseball cages include 2 slow pitch, 2 medium pitch, and 1 fast pitch cage. Softball cages include 1 slow pitch, 1 medium pitch, and 1 fast pitch cage.

Get a FREE Fun Card when you buy $20 in credits. These same Fun Card credits are also used in the Game Room.

20 Pitches- 6 Fun Card Credits

Rental (1 Hour) $30.00 plus tax.

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Please note that one-hour batting cage rentals are only available Sunday-Thursday with a reservation made at least 24 hours in advance.

Hourly batting cage reservations are accepted only at the top of the hour. We do not accept walk-in hourly rentals any day of the week in order to be fair to our walk-up guests. Batting Cages are not reserved on Fridays and Saturdays.

Batting cage speeds are set to the following speeds and generally not adjusted as batters are encouraged to move between the different machines if they are seeking different speeds. All batters are required to wear helmets and closed toe shoes while they are in the batters boxes and bat at their own risk.

Loaner bats and helmets are available at the cages and ticket counter. If you are particular about any of these items needed in the batting cages then we encourage you to bring your own equipment when you visit.

Batting Cage Speeds

Fast Pitch Baseball            70-75 mph
Medium Pitch Baseball      50-55 mph
Slow Pitch Baseball           30-35 mph

Fast Pitch Softball             50-55 mph
Medium Pitch Softball       30-35 mph
Slow Pitch Softball            High Arch Pitch